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Entrepreneur, illustrator, media artist, avid traveler, endless seeker. But above all else — a writer. 🤍 Vancouver, BC/Global Citizen

Take that, Alopecia

Blade + Shade / Combo Brow Technique by Artist and Educator Rojin Surreah Shahverdi of Rouge Ink Artistry [Source:]

She arrived a bit rigid and tense. But her freckled cheeks were coated with happy tears as she left.

Beauty is subjective, and inevitably, laced with bias.

Yet there is another inevitable truth that is worthy of mention: “when you look good, you feel good.”

What one may consider a pursuit of vanity, is to another an essential aspect of their self-care — even their mental wellness. To each their own, right?

In this case study, it’s clear that the client’s desire to receive this Permanent Makeup procedure (also known as PMU) was most definitely more on the ‘essential’ side of the spectrum.

While the realm of PMU contains a nearly infinite scope of different services…

How me, myself, and my business will emerge anew from the corona cocoon

Photo by Hernan Sanchez on Unsplash

Existential anxiety aside, I needed this.

Several years ago, I began to relish in a fantasy.

I caught myself daydreaming of this alternate timeline often; what it would look like, and what I would do were I given the opportunity.

In this reverie, the world literally came to a pause.

“Can the world stop turning for like, 3 months? I could recede into a cabin in the woods. Take a sabbatical. Absorb all of my unfinished books, develop new practices, reset my rhythms, and just… catch up to myself a bit?”

Part fantasy, part request. Be careful what you wish for, I guess.

The sudden halt…

Resources and life-hacks to transform time into investment

Source: Ravi Roshan on Unsplash

It May Feel Like The World Stopped Turning, But Our Lives Aren’t On “Pause”

We’re witnessing a surreal version of our world, no doubt.

The hasty streets of New York are hushed to a quiet. Skies are so clear in L.A., it’s almost eerie. The beloved cash-cow that is the Olympic Games has been canceled. Well, everything’s canceled.

The term “unprecedented” has been beaten to a proverbial pulp.

Our adjustment period to this collective slap-in-the-face has been hypnotic. We’ve blundered through a myriad of alterations to our lifestyles, course-correcting through this massive disruption to the status quo.

Now that the stinging in our cheeks has cooled a bit, we’re past the initial shock; viscerally…

A guide to anchor yourself in the eye of the storm

In the seat of your consciousness exists a fulcrum. Here’s how to put it to use. (Source: Unsplash/Cerquiera)

Life is feeling eerily similar to the plot of a dystopian drama we casually binge-watched on Netflix not long ago. In only a few months, we’ve faced a near-outbreak of WWIII, a real outbreak of a virus, and now, the infectiously haunting thoughts of global recession on the horizon. We’re living in a wild, strange world; hurled into disarray amidst a myriad of unknown variables — and we’re still fairly fresh into 2020.

As we collectively blunder through our survivalist instinct to fear the unknown, many are looking for a respite from the perpetual anxiety. But if you’d like an…

Rojin Surreah

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